iTow Towing is the leading towing company in the Orange County area. We are working 24/7 to provide fast and responsive towing services to you. Our fleet of tow trucks and advanced equipment enables us to provide a wide range of towing options.

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Light Duty Towing

When you need light duty towing in Orange, CA, we will provide the exact service you need with quick response. With our diverse tow trucks, we are able to tow light-duty vehicles including cars, motorcycles, mini-vans, SUVs, sedans and more. Flatbed tow trucks can be used to tow four-wheel-drives, bikes, and luxury vehicles. Wheel lift tow trucks are used to tow front-wheel drives. With the use of tow dollies, we can also tow light-duty trucks. Our towing team consists of experienced, qualified and dependable staff. We are ready to assist you wherever or whenever you are in Orange, CA.

Medium Duty Towing

iTow Towing in Orange County offers affordable and fast medium duty towing services. Throughout the years, we have towed a range of medium-duty vehicles including, RVs, motorhomes, vans and more. Our 24-hour dispatch awaits you to call any time so that we can offer quick assistance to you. The advanced and latest equipment we purchased ensure us to perform quality medium-duty towing services you request. Most importantly, we focus on our customer and their safety; we adhere to the best practices and procedures to ensure the safety of our customers and their vehicles.


iTow Towing is the #1 towing company in Orange County and neighboring areas for towing and roadside assistance services.