ITOW-TOWING can monitor and remove all types of offending or illegally parked vehicles on your property by patrol or request including:

  • Illegally parked vehicles in assigned spaces or double parked
  • Vehicles parked in fire lanes, red zone areas or blocking access
  • Vehicles blocking garages, dumpsters
  • Vehicles parked in disabled spaces without proper placard
  • Inoperable, stored and abandoned vehicles
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For No Charge, ITOW-TOWING offers many products and services to properties we service:

  • Provide Parking Permits as window decals and temporary hanging placards to authorize parking
  • Install and maintain customized Tow Away Signs covering regulations and contact numbers
  • Identify and paint red zones and fire lanes
  • Provide Certificate of insurance
  • Document every vehicle tow with digital photographs
  • Respond to service calls for your residents at a discount, including: tire changes, jumpstarts, lock-outs, and towing
  • Referrals to trusted providers for services such as Security Patrol and Driveway/Lot Maintenance

After many years in the tow businesses, ITOW-TOWING was formed specifically to provide private property impound service. We know how important this is for Private Property Owners to enjoy the benefits of these services including:

  • Removing and Impounding illegally parked and abandoned vehicles benefits everyone with security and better property values
  • Proper signage clearly defines parking areas
  • Fire lanes and No-Stopping enforcement protects all and avoids fines

iTow Towing is the #1 towing company in Orange County and neighboring areas for towing and roadside assistance services.